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Financial Advisory

Financial advisoryIf you are planning to expand abroad, just having the proper information to make a decision is not enough. You also need the right partner who can advise you on what tools and instruments to use for your expansion and how to protect yourself against the possible risks. We will help you to identify new possibilities and to improve performance and efficiency. We will also provide you with advice when it comes to selecting the appropriate development strategy for your company. 

The main benefits include

  • The background environment and capacity of one of the largest financial institutions in the Central and Eastern European region.
  • In-depth knowledge of the individual industrial sectors and the ability to locate appropriate target companies.
  • The ability to identify the market risks associated with your expansion abroad and to propose custom-made hedging strategies and their timing.

Financial and strategic advisory

How can you attain the best possible results from your business activities? We offer comprehensive economic, financial, and strategic advisory services. Are you looking for an investor, entering the stock market, or planning to purchase or sell a company? Entrust yourself into our care. The financial advisory services provided by Erste Corporate Banking will ensure that you always have the right information you need for your decision-making and to promote your further growth. Investment strategy analysis, increased performance, cost optimisation, business plan drafting, future development scenarios are only some of the things that our Erste Corporate Banking specialists will prepare especially for you and your company.

25 Oct 2017