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Our Customer Testimonials

"Super easy. It probably took me an hour to scan the docs I needed to send to them and complete the other online forms. Quick follow-up and fix to what I missed. Continuous follow up on where the process was and finalization." 

Patteriviia, FINLAND

"As a Credit Broker I can tell you that working with DWK Financial Home has been one of the best experiences I have seen for borrowers. Operating with DWK Financial Home since 2010 have seen how quickly Shan and Charlyn have adopted both the technology and rapid changes in the mortgage industry year after year. As a result many borrowers have received competitive rates, up to date information on the loan process and reliable closing dates. I would encourage anyone looking to purchase or refinance a property to call DWK Financial Home and see the difference having an experienced mortgage broker can have on one of the biggest transaction most of us will ever have."
Alesha Prierre
Account Executive,Paris,FRANCE

"I got a cash advance loan from DWK Financial Home and it helped me fill up an inventory. The loan gave me more of a comfortability because there’s a lot of pressure trying to move everything and having no fixed income. It made it not so stressful. They gave me a decent payment of monthly and it worked out pretty good. They also allowed me to refinance in 6 months and they gave me better and reasonable deals than what was out there. When I wasn’t happy with the first rate, the relationship manager, Jonathan, worked with me to get me a better rate. Overall, the turnaround was fast and I got what I wanted."
Antonio Chilembwe, Mozambique

"We got a working capital, which provided us with some additional money to grow our business. It would be a little tighter for us without the loan. The DWK Financial Home rep was very helpful. It was a good and very easy experience."
Isabella Connor, United Kingdom

"DWK Financial Home has been great. I received a business loan from them to help me with my business' cash flow. Without the loan, the performance of my business would have been fine but having it definitely helped. The relationship managers were great. They were straightforward and told me what I needed to do. I did it and the money was delivered when it needs to be. It was a reasonable experience. Their guidelines and what they needed and when I delivered - they were quick, made it comfortable and made it happen."
Anch Ming Tang, VIETNAM

"I’m always looking to expand and do bigger projects so we contacted DWK Financial Home for a $855,000 line of credit. Without this loan, I would’ve continued to be self-funded. They've been professional and did everything that they said they would do so I'm completely satisfied. I’m looking to expand again and since we've been 100% on-time maybe they can continue to do business with us."
Andrew Jacob, USA

"I learned about DWK Financial Home when I called a different loan company and referred them to me. The people at DWK Financial Home were very easy to work with. And the guys kept in contact with me all the time and made sure everything went according to plan and kept me in the loop. I’m very satisfied with my experience with them. They gave me a business loan, after the equipment loan. It let me get the equipment that I needed to help grow my business. The Capital relationship manager wasn’t very knowledgeable with the product that I was asking for but he did learn a lot of information in order to help me get what I needed. They’re willing to go the extra mile to make sure that you get what you need."
Peter Smith, CANADA

"Getting a commercial business loan from DWK Financial Home definitely makes our business a lot easier. Their manager is also very helpful and informative. He's kind of a lifeline which is incredible. "
Nobert Mbokani, DR CONGO

"I got a business loan from DWK Financial Home, and it has helped me with paying payroll, among other things. It was great each time I went to them. They got the loan for me."
James Lemon, Utah USA.